‘I refuse to go to my mum’s wedding after she bleached my daughter’s hair’


A woman is refusing to go to her mother’s wedding after she bleached her daughter’s hair to make sure she got her own way.

Sharing the story anonymously, the woman said that her mother was remarrying and wanted her granddaughter to be the flower girl, but there was a problem.

The eldest of the women didn’t like unnatural hair colours and the youngest had blue hair, but the girl’s mother had promised to make sure it was brown by the big day.

But one day the young girl was being babysat by the matriarch of the family, and when the woman arrived to collect her daughter she discovered that her hair had been bleached.

The woman said: “We dye her hair semi-regularly with Arctic Fox, which is safe for kids. About a week ago we dyed it a very pretty blue.

“My mum detests unnatural hair colours and has been hounding me to ‘fix it’ for the wedding. My daughter was fine with being a brunette for a little while when I asked.

“I was going to let her blue fade out naturally then put a dark brown over it a bit before the wedding. I guess that wasn’t soon enough for my mother.

“I’d never bleach a child’s hair, but my mother in all her glory decided it was a perfect time to ‘fix’ her hair for me. This woman used to be a stylist, but she should know better.

“I am furious. Her hair is so dry and damaged, and the blue isn’t even out. It’s like this splotchy faded green/blue with spots of blonde.

“I told my mum we won’t be going to her wedding, which is causing a commotion.

“People are acting like I’m overreacting and that my mums ‘best intentions’ trumps my own parental choices. I know people already judge me for letting my kid have coloured hair, they don’t see how bleach is different.”

After the woman shared her story online, other Reddit users rushed to the post to comment their opinion – and everyone seemed to side with her and agree her mother was in the wrong.

One user said: “Your mother is a real piece of work. This is your child, not hers.”

While a second said: “Not only is bleach dangerous, but she got her hair damaged and looking a mess for your mother’s selfish ideals.”

And a third added: “Blue doesn’t just bleach out, it’s a very staining colour. It needs a lot of work to get out and ultimately I ended up having to cut off some of my hair when I went blue and wanted it out.

“She shouldn’t have done something so damaging to hair as that, especially without talking to you first. Bleach is so harsh and she’s going to need so much care now and you genuinely may have to take her to a salon to get it fixed.”