Hairdresser shows how much shampoo to use – and crucial step you’re missing


A hairstylist has revealed how much shampoo you should be using when washing your hair to get perfect locks – and it might surprise you.

Sarah Brawley has gained a following of over 190,000 people on TikTok for her handy how-to videos where she explains what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to looking after your hair.

In a recent video, Sarah received a comment from a viewer who teased how much shampoo she used to wash her model’s hair, saying: “Gurl are we washing hair or armpits? (sic)”

This prompted the expert to share the correct amount of shampoo to use – and it turns out, it’s probably much less than you thought.

“Are you using too much shampoo? Even with thick hair, you don’t need a whole bottle,” she says.

Starting off the tutorial she begins: “First make sure your hair is completely wet!”

Then she squeezed out a 50p sized amount of shampoo onto the palm of their hand.

Before applying it to their client’s hair, the hairdresser spread the shampoo across both of her hands and lathers the product, which she says is a crucial step.

Sarah added: “Make sure you work it between your hands before applying and add more water to it whilst you shampoo.”

Once you’ve shampooed your hair once, do it again recommend the stylist – but only on the scalp as it can actually dry out the ends of your hair.

Concluding the clip, she reminds viewers not to forget to shampoo the underneath of their hair too.

Since being posted, the video has amassed more than 46,000 views, and 3,500 likes from people who couldn’t believe how little product you need to use.

One person said: “I feel like an idiot thinking I had overly greasy hair. Turms out I was just using too much shampoo.”

Whilst another viewer, who was left convinced, commented: “Gurl I’m like Rapunzel as a human I CANNOT use only that.”

And others begged the hairstylist to make a follow-up video on how much conditioner you should be using.